Faux Dichroic Pendant

Faux Dichroic Pendant

Cost: $25 plus materials


1 bottle Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Gloss Poly Bond

1 package Lisa Pavelka Foils

1 block Premo Polymer clay in black

1 amate setting of your choice

Steampunk parts package (optional)


Classroom tools will be available for use, students may bring any of the following to class.  Please mark individual tools to distinguish from classroom.

Tile workspace

Cutting blade

Pasta machine

UV lamp

Clay awl

Rubber stamps, such as Lisa Pavelka’s texture stamps

Instructor: Pam Thomas,  Debbie McCoy or Andrella Gray

Level: Beginner

2 thoughts on “Faux Dichroic Pendant

  1. Patricia-
    Yes, this is a great beginner class! Many students have taken this class as their first Polymer class. Call the store at 813-374-9099 if you’d like to reserve your space in class!

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