Metal Clay Workshop – Copper & Bronze

Interested in Bronze or Copper Metal Clay? Have you had some experience with Art Clay? This is the class for you!

This will be a double session, 4 hour workshop where students will learn handling, treating, and firing techinques specific to the Bronze and Copper Art Clay as well as stamping, texturing, and molding techniques that apply to all types of Art Clay.

Tools will be available for classroom use. Students may bring their own tools but are reminded tools used for each type of Art Clay must be kept seperate from the others. Example, one set of tools for Silver, one for Copper, and one for Bronze.

Cost: $50 plus materials, clay purchase recommendations will be made day of class or by speaking with Debbie ahead of time.

Instructor: Debbie McCoy

Level: Intermediate

2 thoughts on “Metal Clay Workshop – Copper & Bronze

  1. These workshops all look so amazing and fun!!! I really wish I could attend, but I live in Long Beach and Florida isn’t exactly within walking distance :( If you ever (and you should! :D) open a branch in Southern California please let me know I’ll certainly show up :D Ditto on pairing jewelry-making with coffee ;)

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