M.C. General Supply List

Badger Balm or Olive Oil or Cool Slip
Distilled Water
Needle Files (before firing), Diamond, Needle Files (after firing)
Mini Needle Files
Paint brush
Small cup (disposable)
Brass brush and/or stainless steel brush
Burnishers (metal or onyx)
Coctail straws and drinking straws
Flexible sanding pads, buffing cloths, sand paper (wet/dry 400 grit)
Working mat: Styrene, plastic, glass or acrylic
Deck of playing cards
X-Acto knife
Mat cutting blade
Texturing tools
Ball tip tool

This list is just a suggestion; a lot of the items mentioned above are available for classroom use. Please bring any needed supplies you may already have. Just remember that if there is only one item for several students to share, it will lengthen the classes time.